Sunday, October 7, 2012


This week Lis used the thinking routine Think-Puzzle-Explore to introduce a new science unit about water.  According to our Thinking Routines Matrix, this routine is good at the beginning of a unit to direct personal or group inquiry and uncover current understandings as well as misconceptions.  It's key thinking moves are activating prior knowledge, wondering and planning.

Like many of my conversations with our CoT team, Lis' was excited about what this thinking routine revealed, the conversation it initiated, and the implications it could have throughout this unit of study.  During our conversation, Lis and I discussed the power of ownership, purpose, and context.  We both felt that this Thinking Routine will give students a sense of ownership, purpose, and context throughout this science unit.  I'll let Lis share more in the comments (hint, hint) and I hope the rest of you will, as well!

 Go to a lake and take some tests
Does it turn into a cloud? 
 Is there chemicals in water?
 How does water form?
 Look at a globe and look at the water around the world.
I want to explore how water got in the drain.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Scoop It and CoT Resources

I've recently been introduce to Scoop It.  Scoop It is an online content curation site that allows you to collect content on a particular topic and then creates a "magazine" with links to the articles, blogs, vidoes, etc. that you have saved to it.  One of my Scoop It topics is Cultures of Thinking.  So, feel free to check out the following link to my CoT Scoop It page.